Stockholm for kids

Stockholm: the city that loves kids

There are parks and play areas among the many green areas; walkways are wide and it’s incredibly easy to get around with children in Stockholm. There are ramps at nearly every public set of stairs, elevators in all public buildings and public transportation even caters to prams. Any parent travelling by bus in Stockholm with a child in a baby carriage rides for free, buses have specially reserved areas for strollers.

Nearly all restaurants or cafés in Stockholm offer child menus, high chairs and food/bottle warming options, many also offer self-serve microwaves and nappy changing stations.

Where to go in Stockholm with kids

The largest and most obvious concentration of places where children scream with glee is on Djurgården where Skansen, Junibacken and Gröna Lund are located.


Top spot for kids in Stockholm is Skansen – open-air museum in Stockholm, but better known by local parents and children alike as a zoo.
Also fun for kids at Skansen is a small amusement park with lots of rides suitable for young children.

Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund in Stockholm is an amusement park with a waterfront setting. Although a far cry from the likes of Disneyland, your kids will have a fun day out.


Junibacken in Stockholm is for a Pippi Longstocking fan. Kids can play in Pippi’s house or meet a range of other Astrid Lindgren characters. There are also regular performances for those children who understand Swedish.

The Butterfly House

Just north of central Stockholm in the Haga Park there is The Butterfly House. It’s an enormous enclosure that recreates a rainforest environment. As well as the many butterflies fluttering about there are a host of other exotic species destinations

For older children in Stockholm

Discovering and learning about the world around us, places like the Technical Museum, The Natural History Museum and Tom Tits (Södertälje) are hits. Exhibits explain the wonders of physics, biology and other sciences. In The Natural History Museum many of the exhibits are well designed with children in mind.

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